Development of a town center and other much needed infrastructure in Middleton Grange

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Despite having housed in excess of 1,500 residents since the early part of this decade, Middleton Grange and the Parkbridge estate continue to face a number of issues including but not limited to poor and unsafe road infrastructure, traffic congestion, dumping and pollution issues, non-existent park, recreational and sporting facilities and a complete lack of grocery, shopping, cafe and restaurant options.

These desperately needed commercial development and infrastructure initiatives are essential to ensure the ongoing safety, health and enjoyment of the suburbs rate paying residents and the broader community.

The state of the suburb is in stark contrast to competing suburbs within both the local government area and adjacent developments in Camden, Fairfield and Campbelltown councils. We hope the council and its officers can empathise with the our disappointment when we need to travel to these areas just to access basic facilities. What exactly does our quarterly $400 rate contribution go? Why are other suburbs and council able to provide these facilities where as Liverpool Council cannot?

While we acknowledge the efforts made in regards to resident consultation for the development of recreational and sport facilities in 2016/2017, there is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction among residents in regards to the indicative timelines that have been put forward for this development. 

With respects to the Middleton Grange town center, there has been no formal communication of any sorts as to current state of this long promised initiative. 

Road and footpath infrastructure continue to be in a debilitating state and should be an absolute priority if the council values the safety of it's residents. The corner of Flynn Avenue and Qantas Boulevard in particular requires desperate and immediate attention. Does the council really accept that residents should feel such frustration with the congestion situation that they need to drive on the opposite side of the road just outside a school zone? Are we really going to continue to ignore this?

As part of Liverpool City Council's response to these matters, we request that the council make reference to the constraints that currently exist, and the short, medium and long term initiatives that will be put in place to resolve them.