Create popup cycle lanes in Liverpool and general 20mph limits.

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Pressing Mayor of Liverpool to act while there is still time.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson invited commuters to drive to work rather than use public transport.  Although he said cycling and walking are better, in most cities - and unfortunately in Liverpool - the necessary safe road space has not yet been reallocated from cars. Left to themselves, with public transport less available, car commuters will take back all of the highway space.  Strong action now could change this. See an Example from Lambeth. And elsewhere in London. The leader of Liverpool council's Green Group, Tom Crone has been pressing the Mayor to act, but so far there is no sign of anything moving. The new government guidance on temporary popup cycle lanes and 20mph speed limits mean there is no excuse for inaction here. Please keep sharing the petition - it's helping to get message across.  

2 years ago