Bringing the Bling back to 'The Bombed Out' Church

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St Luke's Church - more commonly known as 'The Bombed Out Church' - holds a very special place in the heart of us Liverpudlians. It has stood the test of time through two World Wars, has witnessed many a marriages, held hundreds of masses and survived years of neglect until 2007, when a committed team from diverse backgrounds, began to devote tens of thousands of hours to keeping St Luke's Church open to the public.

Since then, the church has been operating as a managed ruin and multidisciplinary arts venue with a programme of curated events, community engagement and creative learning projects. A gateway building within the city, crucial to both its past and present, the Bombed Out Church is a place for everyone - and stands as testament to history and to the spirit of Liverpool and its people. Much credit must be acknowledged and bestowed to the current management team, whom have done a fantastic job transforming this wonderfully historic building.

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The Issue:

Not many of you may remember the Bombed out Church's opening night in 2015, which previewed a fantastic lighting system comprising colours of the rainbow. You will see from the photograph provided (credit: Paul Frost) within this petition, how breathtakingly impressive it is. Similar lighting systems are installed at the University of Liverpool's Engineering Building on Brownlow Hill and more recently at the Bascule Bridge on Regent Road down the docks. This amazing multi-colored lighting system was only showcased once and has never been seen since. In its place, basic white lighting remains, which doesn't have the same impact nor effect in highlighting its stunning architecture.

So what's the issue I hear you ask? The simple fact is, the management team at The Bombed Out Church were not given the access code by Liverpool City Council to allow the lighting system to be changed to multi-coloured. It's as simple-as-that. Presently, we don't have any answers from the council as to why, after 3 years, they have failed to provide this simple access code.

The City of Liverpool politely asks the City Council to either; provide reasons for not providing the code, or, kindly hand over those special digits to Bombed out Church management team, so they can illuminate this stunning building for the foreseeable future. We ask the City Council to bare in mind the hundreds of thousands of visitors which frequent the streets of our great city, enthusiastic in their droves, in Instagramming that perfect shot - imagine the exposure such an illumination could bring!

We care about the Bombed Out Church - it is part of us and our heritage. It can be the new shining beacon of hope, prosperity, happiness and celebration, if you could just hand over that access code. Please - make this happen.

.Please note: This is an independent petition which has no affiliation to the Management Team at The Bombed Out church. The petition has arisen from a group of online social media users who are passionate about St Luke's.