Truck Traffic Reroute Request on Brisa street

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Dear Mayor and City Council,

Vineyard crossing community, a newly formed residential area with about 250+ families and kids with new houses within last one year or so. We face a huge traffic on Brisa street, especially traffic from trucks that take Brisa street.

Case in point: As per City guidelines and Map, the trucks are not supposed to take Brisa street, rather they should prefer Las Positas Rd or Patterson Pass Rd, to go to their respective company/industry. With the current street noise, about 150+ homes including Brisa street facing and houses behind Brisa street on both sides having very bad living experience in our homes and also our kids are not sleeping well, due to high truck traffic noise. Whenever a truck passes by, we notice our houses are shaking because of the noise generated by them which is not good for foundation of our homes as well. 

We urge and request all decision makers to think in terms of you being in that position of getting disturbed every day by high truck traffic noise, making kids not sleeping well, does it make your life peaceful to live in? Please consider rerouting trucks traffic as per the law and give peaceful life to us, our kids and also please save our homes from getting damaged

 Thank you for your consideration

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