Refunds for Britney Tour Club Memberships

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On Wednesday, January 24th, a presale membership started hitting the web & social media via

For $40-$75, fans would gain early access to an exclusive pre-sale and receive a shirt as well some other benefits that are not clearly explained anywhere.

The presale was to begin in the US at 10AM EST for most dates, however for the majority of people, there were no tickets available within seconds. This is likely caused by the fact that this "exclusive" fan club membership was ALSO sold via Ticketmaster. People could simply add on the $40 or $75 to the ticket price and gain immediate access to the presale.

The issue with this is that no where on did it make any mention of their service being offered elsewhere, especially on where the general public would have access.

Had fans been aware of this, many would have simply opted to purchase via TicketMaster. This way, there was no wasted money in the event that they could not obtain tickets. However, many fans signed up early through and were unable to secure tickets.

We are requesting that fans who purchased the advance presale code/membership and was NOT able to purchase tickets, be refunded the cost of the membership.

The terms of use do not explicitly say that memberships are non-refundable, simply that any ticket purchase would be.

Fans of Britney Spears have been taken advantage of and disserviced by this website, who should have clearly stated that their benefits/presale codes would be available elsewhere AND at the time of purchase. Many of these tickets purchased using the "Fan Club" membership were immediately put for resale and marked up significantly.