Bring BTS to the North

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Hello everybody! 

People say that we in the North are not ''enough'' to make BTS come or any K-pop idol in general. We wanna show EVERYBODY it's actually not true. We are many fans in the North who would like them to come here. It's hard to get concert tickets from the nearest country because if we think about it this way...We are not the only ones who wanna get the concert tickets but people in the country and the nearest countries as well. So it's really hard to get them anyway. Not only does we have to think about that, but also the transport and where we gonna stay. 

The purpose of this petition is not only to get BTS to the North in the future but other K-pop idols as well. If we get a lot of signatures and make them notice it, Live Nation might consider the idea. But we need a lot of signatures to make this work and we need all the support we can get. So help us get them to either Denmark or Sweden. I want this to reach to as many people as possible.

Comment below why you want BTS (or any other K-pop idols) to come to the North and let's see how far this project can go.