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Even though I have been to every single one, I have NEVER seen one fight at the world's greatest music festival, Bonnarooooooo, but yet EVERY single year the police continue to harass ALL of the campers to a greater degree than the years past and their behavior goes way over the line of thuggery and thievery.

I have NEVER personally been in trouble at Bonnaroo with the police in any way, whatsoever, but what I have witnessed and heard about over the last few years is enough to make any American citizen question if they are really free and/or should be attending a festival that allows the police to constantly search people with ZERO reason and cause other than the fact that they are on the property where concerts are being held.

The Manchester Marshalls/Police that patrol the campsite 24 hours a day even though they are absolutely not needed are THIEVES. 

They constantly & randomly raid tents and steal everyone's money regardless if people have anything "illegal" on them or not. They set up a drug dog line upon entering the festival where they proceed to steal cash and possessions regardless if the people are carrying illegal items or not. Again, I want to clarify, that the Manchester Marshalls are thieves and it is up to us that LOVE BONNAROO to do something about it.

I believe people should refuse to go into the police line upon entering the campsite. I also believe that people should let Bonnaroo know that they will no longer continue to camp in general admission if the police are allowed to continue to constantly patrol and harass people who are causing absolutely ZERO harm to anyone and who do not need their help in any way whatsoever and especially since the horse mounted security is always present.

If people are hanging in a tent with someone who is caught doing something like smoking a bowl, the police will raid EVERYONE's cars & tents. They absolutely, 100% of the time, take all the cash they can find and then some. They usually do not write a lot of tickets or arrest many of the people that they steal from as to not keep a written trace of their thievery.

The ONLY reason I continue to go to Bonnaroo is because I go VIP and they leave us alone for the most part since we have paid them enough money to keep the police from harassing us.

Bonnaroo 2017, I have been to all 16 of your festivals but i would NEVER suggest to anyone that they buy a general admission ticket unless they want to feel like they are in a prison since they will be forced to watch themselves and their neighbors be constantly harassed by the Manchester Police and the undercover DEA regardless of what they are doing.

When people are sick or in need of help, we, the campers, get HELP 100% of the time. Usually the only kind of help that is needed is from the medical staff, not the police. Bonnaroo, you need to realize that the police need to stay off the farm's campgrounds or you will continue to lose thousands of repeat customers every year. 

GET IT TOGETHER Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival before our tribe finds somewhere else to Bonnaroooooooooooooooo!!!


A concerned camper

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