Live Captioning for Deaf & HOH in India matters! A right to equality & not an option.

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Live Captioning not only help the Deaf/HOH access to communication during classrooms,seminars and meetings/conferences as well as classrooms but also helps in equality among normal(hearing) people.

  • It's a must right for all Deaf persons and not an option.
  • Is independent of the Deaf' primary language (English or Indian Sign Language)
  • Useful for those who enrolled/will enroll in normal schools/colleges and also in deaf schools as well.
  • Ensure equality for all the Deaf

Live Captioning is like a interpreter listening to speaker and typing onto laptop with Deaf person(of what the speaker speaks) during the seminars or meetings or classrooms at the same time so that Deaf could understand what is been typed into laptop and hence feel the accessibility.

Also it can take place virtually. It should be provided across schools and colleges and companies as well.

It will definitely solve discrimination against deaf persons during job placements to a large extent.

Let's make India disabled-friendly! Once it reaches milestone, we will strive for our better accessibility in our lives.

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