Clean up your raw sewage pollution Severn Trent Water, to stop birds dying in Smethwick

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Ian Carroll
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Severn Trent Water polluted Smethwick Hall Park pool (Stony Lane) with raw sewage earlier this year. Wildfowl landing in the lake have been dying ever since from suspected botulism, present in the poor conditions generated as a direct result. They have made untruthful claims in the press about "improved water quality" at this site, yet Environment agency testing of silt and water shows that the excrement remains in situ in the lake. They have failed over many years to stop "misconnections" from their apparatus entering and polluting this pool. 

This has killed many birds and others are flying off and falling ill at other parks- Victoria Park Smethwick, and West Smethwick Park. The birds are suffering a slow and painful death. The total number at the three parks is now into three figures.

Severn Trent Water have a long standing pollution shame in the West Midlands area, and are a serial environmental faecal releasers. They were fined £500,000 for polluting Sutton Park, also with raw sewage. 

They made £525 million in 2018. They are a clearly failing water authority and were docked a star by the Environment agency earlier this year. They should pay to desilt this pool to stop any further deaths of birds and give confidence to the community that they are no longer going to cause any forms of pollution through their networks.