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Liu Xiaobo: To Be Released From Prison in China

China imprisioned Liu because he wanted more democratic elections and more human rights. Understand that Liu won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, the only thing he's threatening is China's government. China is stuck on tradition, and does not want to change. Liu wants change for the better, not for the worse. He's trying to get China to be a little more like Amercia and China doesn't want to do that. We understand that China doesn't have to change. However, Liu was not writing harmful things or threating China in any way, he just voiced his opinion. Like we are doing right now. Think about it. What would you do if you were put in prison just for speaking up about what you believe to be true. Think about your religion. What if you were imprisioned for believing in a certain religion. Now, Liu's case isn't much different from what you just imagined. He's currently in prison because China doesn't have freedom of speech. Do you think China did the right thing? If not, help Liu out and sign this potition. It could even help him be released from Prision. 

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    Liu Xiaobo

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