Expel Little Miami Student For False Rape Allegations

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A Little Miami High School student has been spreading false rumors about me manipulating and forcing him into having sex with me. He’s even went as far as getting his friends to help spread the rumor. We have evidence that him and his friends have been spreading these rumors but he does not have any evidence that I manipulated him into having sex with me. So we will be taking legal action against them. The school has been silent when it came to a white student threatening to lynch a black student, white students calling black students the n word and telling them to go back to their own country, and even excused homophobic slurs. Little Miami needs to speak up for their minority kids and stop protecting their white students. This will be the second petition that I am making to get the district to reform their policies and they still have yet to do anything or respond on how they’re going to reform even after the first petition got 9.6k signatures. The school needs to step up and do its part and start taking action against these white students. Please sign this petition if you support me and want to see the minorities of this school get justice for what they have gone through.