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Lithgow Arms: Remake the L1A1 SLR straight pull Cat B workshop sample!

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So most people were aware of the straight pull single shot L1A1 SLR target rifle that Lithgow used to make for all those long range shooters out there but what a lot of people didn't realize is that they also made a one off magazine fed version identical to the beloved service weapon of the time! Now I can see how this didn't get off the ground then, laws were different, why on earth would you buy a straight pull when you could just buy the semi auto version? If only Lithgow knew the future! I have only seen one of these, the guys at Firearms Owners United posted a video of one shooting and then one went up for sale at SSAA (what?! Click this for the listing with more photos!) and I think it may be the same rifle but it definitely turned a few heads, mine included. 

This is simple, we're all shooters here, you know the market at the moment. I bet Lithgow even have the original blue prints sitting in a drawer some where collecting dust! 

Just remake this Aussie icon of a rifle again please! 

P.S. Maybe have the bolt handle swept back and down lower more near the hand so you don't have to be gumby in order to reach it...

P.S.S. Keep the cost at a level where average guy can reach it! Under $3000 surely should be possible?

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