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11-year-old Zach is walking to the White House--FROM FLORIDA! (Part 1 was Tampa-Atlanta. Now he's finishing his journey, a mere 625 miles.)

He's raising awareness about homeless children in this country. He wants to meet with President Obama.

Let's raise awareness about Zach and his amazing effort. Here's his website:

Letter to
President of the United States
You know how kids are--when they get determined, well, they'll do amazing things! Such is the case with Zach, an 11-year-old boy who's walking from Tampa to DC to raise awareness about homeless children in this country.

Homeless kids are heart-breakers.  Our country has way over 1.5 million children without homes. And we've not done nearly enough to address this issue. Even now, Congress is considering a very flawed definition of homelessness that will exclude many homeless children and teens.

We want you to meet with Zach, and to heed his message. We want to give this issue the care it deserves. If you're too busy (understanably!), how about asking Michelle to oversee it!

Thanks for caring!

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