March 5, 2022
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Started by Igor Justme

NATO allies are responsible for preventing this war from escalating beyond Ukraine. But that cannot be done by appeasement of the aggressor if history teaches us anything. It didn't work in 1938-39 (just remember Austria, Sudetenland, Poland...), and it will not work now. Yes, the madman does have nuclear arsenal. But so do we. His main bet in this conflict has been that the West will cave and try to avoid "escalation" by not directly confronting him. The only way to stop him is "escalation" that he never could've imagined. He will not be able to deploy nuclear warheads. Even if his madness makes him order a strike, it will be blocked by his generals. After all, saving their own lives and the lives of their families will always take precedence over loyalty to any dictator.

Recently representatives of 40 countries met at the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany. They have decided to drastically change the approach to Russian war in Ukraine. As US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said, the alliance should not only ensure Ukraine's victory, but also weaken Russia sufficiently so that it never will be able to repeat such horrors again.

Based on those considerations, we demand that the White House and US Congress take the following steps.

1. Direct CIA to put pressure on powerful Russian generals to completely isolate Putin in his bunker rendering him powerless. It will just take cutting off all his communication lines.

Best ultimate solution: have them kill him.

Bribe them if necessary. If a Russian businessman could place $1m bounty on Putin's head, US can top it with billions.

CIA's almost unlimited capabilities and multi-billion dollar budget should be sufficient to do that. Time for deterrence has passed. There should be real actions now. And it may not take a lot of pressure. All Putin's entourage and highest bureaucrats/military commanders already dream of his removal from power because of his cruel purges and biting economic sanctions imposed by the West.

2. Immediately give Ukraine ALL WEAPONS THEY NEED. Don't delay a single day to ensure Ukraine's victory in battle for Donbas.

US should give Ukraine the most modern weapons, INCLUDING PATRIOT SYSTEMS.

3. Demand that all NATO countries IMMEDIATELY BAN imports of ALL Russian coal, oil and natural gas.

If it's not possible for some countries to stop importing Russian gas, continue but deposit the money they pay for it to a special frozen account that Russia cannot withdraw money from. Or even continue the imports without paying anything.

4. Ask that all people of "good will" help Ukraine to fight Russian hordes by donating as much money as reasonably possible to that noble cause. We recently have formed a new volunteer team Art2SupportUkraine which sells exquisite original art and donates all funds beyond production and seller fees and shipping costs to Ukraine. Here is a link to current sales:

5. Demand that Putin's agents in the West, first of all in the US, be severely condemned. A good example is Sen. Rand Paul who in our opinion should be impeached from the Senate and thoroughly investigated. Another is former House Rep. Another example is former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. There are many other previously "conserved" KGB agents whom Kremlin is desperately using right now to try making the West let Putin "save his face" at the expense of Ukraine giving up a part of its sovereignty.

Please remember that Ukraine is now the last bastion of democracy separating the rest of Europe from limitless barbarism. If Putin is allowed to literally wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth, which now is his clear goal, his next target will be Poland, Finland, Baltic states, etc. NATO and US will HAVE to defend the allies and declare war on Russia. But by that time it will be harder, bloodier and longer.

Do not prolong a single minute! Do what you have to NOW!

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Signatures: 844Next Goal: 1,000
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