Completing FYPs within a semester/ two should be a choice by Students

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Many undergraduate students in local Malaysian Universities are too preoccupied at times. There are some who are involved with exchange programmes, some committed to important activities under the university and hence affecting the progression in their Final Year Projects.

Who are the ones supposed to ensure that the students get the consultation they deserve? Who’s at fault when things go wrong and unplanned? I believe when things do go wrong, it’s never anyone’s sole intentions. 

Certain cases of semester extending and delay in graduation is due to unwanted circumstances. For a student studying in a particular local Malaysian university, they are mostly not allowed to enroll in their FYP II if they are not done with FYP I.

The question here is, why aren’t students permitted to make decisions for their own projects? Why is it said that we can’t complete it within one semester when we think we can? Aren’t we suppose to be given a chance to do something that we have faith in? Well, there’s this saying that goes; 

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Is extending one semester just for the sake of one subject rational in your opinion? I honestly think it’s illegitimate in my case, from the point of view of a final year student. 

Why are the academic rules and restrictions so rigid and stagnant that it’s not allowed to be altered depending on situations? Aren’t the existing laws and regulations also determined by a group of people?

Perhaps a solution should be proposed? Maybe an exception should be given to students who are willing to work harder to complete their tasks provided? 

Speak up if you agree.

Express now by signing the petition! We want our choices to be heard! I think the board of directors in the university should be open about listening to what the students need.

Also, in my opinion, the presence of superiority and inferiority shouldn’t exist between students and their uppers in university at this point.

Don’t you agree? 

Dear Malaysian students, it’s time for a change, to express our thoughts and to have the opportunities to take action if we need to achieve specific purposes in life. 

Thank you for your time.

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