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Like the polar bear, these seals rely on sea ice and snow to survive.  Once born, the pup has three to seven weeks to grow a blubber layer that will let it survive the icy Arctic waters and freezing outside temperatures. Until that time, the pup must stay dry and warm in their snow den.  Federal biologists note that less snow means insufficient shelter, making pups more vulnerable to predators and exposure.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has proposed listing the Ringed Seals as a threatened species due to escalating climate change under the Endangered Species Act.  This listing would provide needed protection through policy and habitat designation for the seals in the Alaskan north, and set an example for other northern nations. As usual, greed and resource exploitation has got some officials protesting the NOAA recommendation.

Despite decreases in seal populations in the region, and climate scientists warning of increased warming, one of Canada's Deputy Environmental Ministers, David Akeeagok and Alaska’s Endangered Species Act Coordinator, Doug Vincent-Lang plan to fight the recommendation on the grounds that it could disrupt trade and economic development.

Let’s not wait for climate change to destroy this beautiful species.  We can support new climate legislation by listing arctic species under the Endangered Species Act.

Sign this petition to tell Alaska’s ESA Coordinator and Canada’s David Akeeagok that the Ringed Seal deserves our support! 

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Letter to
Alaska's Endangered Species Act Coordinator Doug Vincent-Lang
Nunavut Deputy Environment Minister David Akeeagok
You are receiving this email as part of an ongoing petition to support the NOAA recommendation to list Ringed Seals as threatened under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Despite ongoing reputable science in climatology and wildlife biology which supports the conclusion that climate change is real, current, exacerbated by humans, and that it is escalating, you have identified yourself to be in opposition to listing the Ringed Seal, which is already beginning to be effected by the warming climate. I ask you to reconsider and to please support listing the Ringed Seal as a Threatened Species under the ESA.

While the Endangered Species Act was not expressly created to support policy and legislation to counteract or mitigate the effects of climate change, it is a currently viable solution to enable action which will both support the continued survival of this species and work against the negative effects of climate change. We here in Alaska, and in all regions of the world must recognize the deep interconnectivity of our plants, animals, and inhabitants - with this knowledge we must act as stewards of our environment and stop degradation BEFORE it happens, not after -- and this, as a priority above international trade, development, or economic growth.

As public employees, please recognize this letter, and others like it, as a direct plea from your constituents, neighbors, and concerned global community, to support this listing of the Ringed Seal as Threatened. You have the ability to make and support change on our behalf. We are relying on you to voice our opinions in your pivotal arenas.

Thank you for your work, your support, and for helping to conserve this planet and its species.

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