Remove the Thaxton roundabout territorial markings

Remove the Thaxton roundabout territorial markings

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Started by Ross Lindsay

Sign this petition to indicate your support for the removal of the permanent display of flags and paint at Thaxton roundabout.

When the Thaxton roundabout and Lisburn North Feeder Road were constructed it was to serve the new housing that was to follow.  All this new housing has not yet been completed, however over the years flags have been permanently flown and more recently, the road signs have been painted red, white and blue.

This has no doubt been carried out by some people seeking to demarcate and ghettoise the area as a loyalist/unionist area.  This is unwelcome by many people living here, particularly those of us who have invested in the new homes as a place to live and raise our families, yet this territorial marking only serves to negatively affect the houses' market values and the area to lose its initial appeal.

Flying of flags during the marching season is a part of unionist/loyalist/protestant culture.  Permanent, all year round marking of a public area with flags and especially paint is not cultural! It is viewed as intimidating and devalues the area.

There is no republican agenda behind the request to remove these markings, many who identify as British or those within the P.U.L. community object to the misuse of their flag in this way. This petition is simply an expression to return the area to the neutral area it was and desired to be by many.





97 have signed. Let’s get to 100!