Ontario Education Cuts are Unacceptable.

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Dear Ms. Thompson,

We are writing because of the education cuts that were announced on Friday. They are completely unacceptable.

With a so-called average class size of 22, the typical class size ends up being 28-30 because of specialized classes that are very small. At an average of 28, the typical class size will be between 34 to 36, which is completely unmanageable. Children will not get the individual support that they need, and the behaviour problems that follow when some children feel anonymous will derail what is left. This decision decimates our school system. This is not the platform that your party ran on.

Online courses require a level of discipline that many if not most teenagers don't have. The failure rate is going to be astronomical. This is a terrible idea and a huge waste of time and money. Again, you did not run on forcing teenagers to take part of their high school education as online classes. Your leadership would have been laughed off the stage at the debates.

Also, moving discussion of gender identity to grade 8 is a huge mistake. There are kids in the younger grades with gay parents or who just feel different themselves right now. The refusal to talk about it will make them feel there is something wrong with them or their family. You've hurt these kids in a direct and terrible way. We also noticed that you used the words "moms and dads" a lot in your speech. How do you think that made kids with two moms, two dads, or live in foster care feel? As the Minister of Education, you have a responsibility to do better.

We were also taken aback by the fact that you smiled the entire way through a speech that announced the decimation of our public school system. Do you feel that only the wealthy are entitled to a quality education? Did it give you joy to take it away from the rest of us? Or, did you genuinely not understand what you were doing?

We hope you reconsider this terrible decision. But, if not, we have a chance to remove your party from office in 3 years and vote in a party that will fix what you've broken. The heartbreaking part will be the lives you've irreparably harmed in the meantime. Kids only go through the school system once.