Show the Ontario government their students do not support their policies!

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Recently, the government of Ontario announced their new plan for the education system. These changes include the banning of cellphones in classrooms, increasing class sizes, and mandating E-Learning courses. These changes will have a severe impact on the education students receive in Ontario schools. The purpose of this petition is to show Lisa Thompson, the Minister of Education, and Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, that their actions will not go unnoticed.

Society is strange because it is very contradictory in it's beliefs. One day, teenagers hear “you don’t care about anything important,” and the next, “stay out of politics, it doesn’t concern you”. This, however, does concern us. This is us. This is our future. We will inherit the country that the government is creating today. We will get the debt, the despair, and the hatred that will surely develop if policies like these continue to be made. And we, the students, will not stand for it.

I am a concerned student. In less than four years, I will also be a concerned voter. I, along with my peers, believe the government is making changes that will hinder our learning and development. We will make it known that we are the future and will not be treated with such disregard. 

Sign this petition if you support Ontario students - present and future - in getting the education they both need, and deserve.

Complete this survey so we can show the Ontario government how these changes will effect Ontarians.