Fair Funding for Halton District School Board

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The out-of-date education funding formula places the Halton District School Board with the least amount of money per student of all the 72 school boards in the province. In fact, the HDSB receives $1,290.00 per student LESS than the provincial average. 

This is not a new problem.

- HDSB has been under the provincial funding average for the past 14 years.

- HDSB in one of the few Ontario school boards with increasing enrolment. Enrolment has increased by 35% between 2007-2016 and funding has not kept up with this growth

- HDSB spends more on Special Education than the amount provided by the Ministry of Education. Changes made to Special Education funding in 2014-15 have left HDSB with a loss in excess of $20 million annually, despite the growth in the number of students requiring special education support.

- HDSB is the lowest funded Ontario English public school board (on a 'per student basis').

What needs to happen...

The Hon. Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education, needs to review and revise the current funding model to bring the funding that HDSB receives per student in line with the provincial average.