Keep primary class sizes capped in Ontario!

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The Progressive Conservative government is trying to cut a deficit, involving a 4% cut in education. This amounts to $1-Billion in education funding which will affect students as young as three years old and up to nine years of age!  

One way the PC government is considering making these cuts is by removing the cap on kindergarten and primary classes. Currently the kindergarten cap is 29, while in primary grades (1-3), the cap is set at 23 students per class. The BC government recently reduced their classroom caps so why is the Ontario government going backwards by possibly increasing class sizes?

The current class sizes are large enough as it is! Early years education sets the foundation in every student's learning journey. Removing these caps would have a detrimental affect to children's learning including less one-on-one time for students, children's needs falling between the cracks and an overall busier classroom environment with increased distractions.

Please sign this petition if you care about the success of every child being fostered in a smaller classroom community!