Cut mandatory e-learning courses in high schools

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The Honourable Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education,

Many of the education funding cuts announced this week are of great concern to parents. Some will affect our children directly, others will affect entire families and will be overall devastating to our school system.

In particular, the one that we would like to address is the phasing in of 4 mandatory e-learning courses.

On the surface it might seem like a good solution - teens are tech savvy, why wouldn't online courses be a perfect fit (and you save on teachers' salaries)?

Some of the complications that parents are foreseeing are:

- online programs rely on self discipline skills which are extremely lacking in teens.

 - if the students are given one period out of class each day to complete the course, that is a large number of students in the hallways, outside the school - not in classrooms. This has potential for trouble. 

- if the students choose to go to the library during that time the libraries will need to be staffed with extra educators and contain the required computers. 

-additionally, kids in rural areas don’t always have access to reliable internet. That also assumes they can afford it & have access to new enough computers to run the mandated programs.

- in the end, much of the load will be shifted to parents to make sure the courses are getting completed at home, in the evenings - putting added stress on families already struggling with parent/teen relationships.

Please reconsider this for the benefit of our children.