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We as a student body have constantly been silenced by the leaders of Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts. We've all received the summer homework and the amount of anxiety that has emerged is damning. Specialized schools such as Brooklyn Tech, Loomis Chaffee, Phillip Exeter are the best schools in New York; however, they do not have summer homework of this magnitude. As principals, they believe students should read five books in six weeks.  When one of the principals served as an ELA teacher students only read one book in five months and did no writing assignments in AP Literature outside of test prep. 

What we are doing during the summer is what we should’ve been doing during the school year. SAHSLA-MA and BX, we all must come together and stop being silenced; through the signing of this petition we are not only able to gain support to revise the summer homework but to call attention to the detrimental effects of how overwhelming academic work has been on us.

At this point, the psychological impacts are not even overlooked..they are literally swept under the rug and we cannot just sit here and let administration continue with this abuse and damage us. The school provided us with a seminar about stress management, and in a matter of a week they launched out the immense amount of summer homework right before the day of the standardized SAT II exam. The number of my peers I have seen crying and having panic attacks in the hallways is depressing. We all must call for our parents and shine a light on the drastic decrease in employment of teachers causing us to be orphans without a staff or administration to turn to.

#TellYourParents #SayOurNameNotOurTestScores #WallStreetJournalGotItWrong