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There are compelling religious, scientific, and Alaska Native cultural reasons for Alaskans and the nation to stand in solidarity in taking action NOW on regulation of carbon air pollution:

Faith communities are in agreement that God has entrusted human beings with the care of creation. Our holy texts make it clear that God considers the earth sacred and put us on the earth to care for it. Our concern for our neighbors and all creation in suffering, and our responsibility to future generations, make caring for God’s creation a religious and moral imperative. Taking meaningful action on climate change is essential.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence of human-caused environmental degradation. The scientific community is increasingly alarmed about irreversible damage that human actions are imparting to the environment. Reducing carbon air pollution is important if we are to limit the rate of climate change. Alaska is warming twice as fast as the earth as a whole. This is permanently changing habitats on the land and in the sea, weakening earth’s capacity to meet society’s needs.  

Alaska Native
Human beings are out of harmony with Mother Earth, creating havoc and destruction that threatens the viability of all living things including all existing and future generations.

Directing the EPA to take action to limit air pollution related to climate change is the single most important step that this Presidential Administration can unilaterally and immediately take on this issue and demands urgency.

Letter to
Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency Lisa P. Jackson
Representative Don Young
Senator Lisa Murkowski
and 2 others
Senator Mark Begich
President of the United States
There are compelling religious, scientific, and Alaska Native cultural reasons to take action NOW on regulation of carbon air pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency has demonstrated great success in designing and enforcing regulations concerning sulfur and nitrogen emissions from power plants, effectively eliminating acid rain.

Let us build on this great achievement by implementing and enforcing regulation of carbon air pollution pursuant to the Clean Air Act.

There is a moral imperative to act now. The Great Land and its people are in peril and the mounting costs of Climate Change in Alaska and around the world are significant and will be even greater for our children.

By signing this petition I call upon you, Mr. President, to heed our collective moral call for climate change action because it is the right thing to do, it is in our power to do something about it, and most importantly our lives and those of future generations depend on it.