Sale of fireworks to individuals to be made illegal

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Fireworks are being sold to anyone and everyone. This would be would be fine if it wasnt for the fact that if used irresponsibly they are potentially life threatening or can cause life changing injuries.

On top of this, when set of randomly at all hours of the day and night they are more than a minor irritance causing a severe nuisance to people with animals and young children.

Fireworks should be illegal to anyone except professional bodies who put on professional displays.

This would allow for proper control of them and could dramatically reduce injuries and accidents caused by them either directly or indirectly, for example pets running away and potentially causing road traffic collisions.

My 3 year old is terrified when the loud bangs wake her after she's gone to bed because she is not old enough to understand that they are just pretty lights.

My youngest daughter is just over a year old and has severe sleep difficulties since she was 3 months old. We have been 10 months on 3 hours sleep a night. She is just beginning to show signs of improvement and starting to sleep better but inconsiderate, unthoughtful people setting off fireworks at random times throughout the evening are not helping at all. Not to mention them being set of pointlessly during the day.

I am calling for the government to change the laws surrounding the sale of fireworks and their use in order to put a stop to this ridiculous and growing problem. 

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