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Approve Alternative Cancer Treatment for Canadians

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People do not have to suffer through cancer treatment any longer and should have the choice to select which type of treatment they would like to undergo. 

SEF Chemo, pronounced "Safe" Chemo, is a new form of Cancer Treatment developed by Dr. Ken Matsumura and his team of researchers at the Berkeley Institute in California. Dr. Matsumura is a physician and the inventor of the world's first artificial liver, artificial pancreas and wristwatch heart alarm. 

Dr. Matsumura has reported approximately 90% response rate for the patients with stage 3 and early stage 4 cancers, and in the first small clinical trial of 6 patients, 4 achieved long-term complete remission of cancer. 

Dr. Khan of Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto has been administering this treatment for the last 4 years until the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario forced him to stop the treatment. His patients include those who come from all over the world as well as across Canada, including British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, the U.S., England, Australia, Africa and Indonesia. 

SEF Chemo - Side Effect Free Chemo - is protecting the patients bone marrow from being damaged by the chemo. If the bone marrow is protected, the white cells are not compromised which allows them to play a role in the killing of cancer cells. In other words, SEF Chemo is not "chemotherapy" but rather "chemo-immunotherapy." Unfortunately, most oncologists have never been exposed to anything like SEF Chemo, and therefore are not in any kind of position to judge it. 

I, personally, have been undergoing this treatment with amazing results. I have triple negative breast cancer which is extremely rare, aggressive and does not respond well to treatment, which I was advised by an oncologist. While undergoing the SEF Chemo Treatment I have experienced minimal side effects. I did not lose my hair, I did not get mouth sores or experience even close to an eighth of the side effects I would have experienced on the chemo that was offered to me through the hospital in Toronto. At the hospital they told me that I would definitely lose my hair among an entire list of other atrocities and that I would be able to purchase a drug called neulasta that would help to boost my white blood cells, this drug is thousands of dollars for just one pill and OHIP does not cover the cost. How is it possible that so much money is being poured into finding new treatments and cures and that the hospitals continue to offer the same treatment that they have been offering since the 1950's?

It is no wonder that most people die from the treatment and not from the cancer. 

It was my decision to proceed with SEF Chemo (at my cost) as this made more sense to me. Why totally obliterate every cell in my body with regular chemo. It just didn't make sense. The only problem was that after just 2 treatments Dr. Khan was shut down from administering the chemo, so myself, along with those who could afford it, were forced to travel to California every 2 weeks for treatment which added exorbitantly to the cost of the treatment. 

Those who could not afford to travel were left with little option. This is unacceptable. We are supposed to be living in a democracy, why are we not allowed to choose our treatment when faced with a life threatening disease? 

We are calling on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to re-instate SEF Chemo to Dr. Khan of Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto. Denying the sick and the vulnerable access to this promising new cancer treatment is not only morally wrong, it's shameful. 

You can learn more about this treatment and Dr. Khan at

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