Install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo!

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We the undersigned urge the California State Parks and Recreations Department to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo State Park. Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce the number of collisions, serious injuries and possible fatalities.

On a typical weekend day, up to 500 drivers share the roads with approximately 700 cyclists. The majority of vehicles on Mount Diablo are bicycles! Last year over 150,000 cyclists rode up Mount Diablo. 

When ascending the slow, winding roads of Mount Diablo, cyclists are much slower than motorists. Motorists often pass cyclists in unsafe locations. The result of passing an ascending cyclist on a blind curve can be colliding with a descending cyclist, causing serious injury or even death. The majority of all collisions occur on or near blind curves and Mount Diablo has over 300 such curves.

Mount Diablo State Park and Mount Diablo Cyclists have worked together to plan and install three pilot Bike Turnouts. They have been overwhelmingly successful according to Park leadership, motorists and cyclists. These three Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce bike vs. vehicle collisions that occur at blind curves, but are only the beginning. 

MDSP leadership agrees with MDC that 35-40 additional Bike Turnouts are needed. This would amount to approximately one every half-mile.

This request has been made clearly to State Parks, but there has been no response.  

In fact, ten of the new bike turnouts require only painting of asphalt that is already suitable. The cost for these ten would only be $5,000State Parks will not respond to even this recommendation.

We urge State Parks to spend this small amount of money for a huge investment in saving lives.  We also urge them to begin installing the remaining 25-30 Bike Turnouts that will significantly increase safety for cyclists and motorists on the roads of Mount Diablo.

When 100 Motorists were asked:

1.) Is this your first visit to Mount Diablo; majority said Yes
2.) Did you know there would be so many bicycles on the roads of the Park; majority said No
3.) Did you know that the roads are narrow and winding, with lots of blind curves: majority said No
5.) How many bicycles did you pass as you drove up the mountain; 25-30 bicycles
6.) Did you cross solid double yellow lines to pass some bicycles; 95% said Yes
7.) Do you think Bike Turnouts would allow motorists to pass bicycles without crossing the Solid Double Yellow lines; 100% said Yes
8.) How wide and long should a Bike Turnout be on a blind curve for you to safely pass a bicycle; majority said 5ft wide & 50-100ft long

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