Urge PC government to reevaluate their Ontario Autism Program

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On February 6 the PC government laid out changes to the Ontario Autism Program that had essentially cut off much needed funding and therapy services to children with Autism. Most families will be unable to sustain the costs of ABA therapy. Costs can be upwards of $80000 for higher needs children. 

The changes is basically giving families up to $5000 annually if you make less than $55000 annually in household income. This is simply not enough!

Lisa MacLeod has expressed her unwillingness to reconsider but the impacts of these changes are too great to go unchecked. 

On March 7 many Ontario families marched on Queens Park to urge the government to change.  

I fear dispite the large number of families fighting for those that can not we wil need to do more. 

Please help the thousands of Ontario families who will be left without help and help these children who need it.