Raise your voice for Children with Autism

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Autism is a developmental disorder that weakens the ability to function basic life skills. This neurological disorder affects brain and it is differ from person to person. It is estimated that 1 in 66 Canadian children and youth aged between 5-17 have been under treatment with autism. The diagnosis of autism is more seen among males than females (1 in 42 males and 1 in 165 females).

Government initiatives for autistic children should be based on the need. On the autism spectrum, each child is different from one child to the next. Some might need just a little bit of support, but some other need much additional support.  The government’s new altered plan under Premier Doug Ford for the support of children with autism spectrum disorder does not meet every child’s need. They must amendment the laws which help for early recognition of autism. The new plan for autism is biased, because the treatment given is on the basis of child's age and income of family. It will not going to make any change in child’s life. The new government initiative for autism spends a maximum of $14,0000 on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder from age 2 to 18. Only children under five will be receiving $20,000 and those over that age will be limited with $5,000 a year.

The protests have been taken place across the province is a remarkable sign that how much the parents and the families are upset and perturbed on PC’s new funding plan for autism treatment. The expense occurred by families due to such treatment cannot be taken by parents itself. If the treatment plan change or need additional therapies, they suffer and find difficult to meet the expense. The plan for all children should be inclusive of all services. Services should not depend on parent’s financial means or ability to research evidenced based therapies. All children should be given the opportunity to celebrate the ability within the disability of autism. Government should focus on best outcomes.

We need to be united and to be a singular voice for all children in the autism spectrum disorder. Let us stand and fight together to make the authority to change the policies for our children for the inclusive services. Let us be a reason of someone’s smile !