Stop Hamilton City Council From Restricting Sex Workers

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Hamilton City Council in New Zealand is currently voting a Bylaw called the “ Prostitution Bylaw “ which is restrictive and harmful to LEGAL SEX WORKERS and breach the current Government Legislation.

Hamilton City Council is attempting to introduce strict rules that are choking the legal prostitution profession with bully and controlling tactics such as fines of $20,000 for being in breach of their illegal bylaw with a map stating this is the only location where SEX workers can work similar to dogs being restrained in a dog park which not only breach Government Laws but is mistreatment.

The map on the Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw restricts sex workers to work on the Hamilton City side of the bridge ONLY.  Do other businesses have these types of restrictions in Hamilton?  Why do Hamilton City Council think they can wrongly control prostitutes like this?

I thought New Zealand was a place of fairness, equality and respect for diversity?

To be a Hamilton City Councillor, their website states “People who are connected to Hamilton's diverse communities.”  Under the dictionary CONNECTED means to be joined together.  Under the dictionary DIVERSE means variety (very different).. Yet Hamilton City Councillors are voting AGAINST sex workers who may be different and diverse - and instead are persistently avoiding, ignore and rejecting through antipathy and caution.

Hamilton City Council have started their own submissions which includes against prostitutes.  One of their published responses on the Hamilton City Council website read “there will be an amount of slutiness and sleeze that is not suitable for public streets.”  How could this comment even be allowed to be printed on a Council website?  Since when can another person control what another wears for personal or for work?  It is disgusting that Council are keeping a Bylaw to control what people wear.  If in a relationship scenario this would be classed as a form of abuse if a partner controlled what one wears.  In a work scenario - this would be classed as sexual harassment.  Promo Girls paid to do a job wear less than many Escorts when in public, - yet do they have NZ Police called on them and threatened to be arrested for being in breach of a Council Bylaw and fined $20,000 like Prostitutes are for soliciting?  NO they do not but Escorts do have Police called on them by others on grounds of this Bylaw that needs to be removed and stopped - so another clear example of how this Bylaw is a clear case of discrimination and mistreatment.

Someone dressed lets say provocatively shall we say on a Tinder Date or because that’s how they like and are well entitled to choose to dress like that - and could be wrongly fined $20,000 for apparently soliciting for maybe just saying hello to someone passing by or someone asking for directions and she’s helping or someone asking her for her phone number because she looks pretty sexy.  This would be a horrible experience for someone to be wrongly accused of soliciting falsely charged $20,000 where a member of society and the public has that POWER to use against them could also be done in a vindictive manner targeting another individual wasting Councils time and having an innocent person comfortable in his/her skin left feeling judged and discriminated over clothing.  What someone chooses to wear vs. Hamilton City Councils and SOME locals nit-picky self-righteous disapproval and critical judgement SHOULD NOT BE GROUNDS FOR A BYLAW EXISTING.  

Another of their published responses on the Hamilton City Council website reads, “we have to protect children from seeing sex workers.”  For the Record:  Children would see and HEAR more from their parents in their bedroom or when on a family vacation in a hotel or even on movies or in lyrics of songs that play on the radio or music videos, or what radio DJs discuss openly on air whilst minors can hear in a vehicle or in a shop when that stations playing, - than they would see or hear what actually happens between the real-life PRIVATE BUSINESS TRANSACTION of an Escort and Client where we exercise DISCRETION.  

Workers are aware of cameras being everywhere now with CCTV cameras and cell phones and people with social media so it would not be in a sex workers best interest to even conduct a business transaction in a public place anyhow, to protect the privacy of the client and the confidentiality of the sex-worker.  All sex workers are aware it is illegal to have sex in a public place and that is a Government Legislation - NOT a Council Regulation. Having sex in public is illegal for ANY individual not just sex workers – you can be charged under the Crimes Act 1961 (see 125 Indecent act in a public place for more information).  That should clarify parents responses that only know about how sex workers operate in how they have been portrayed through movies they have watched on tv and the big screen.  As a parent I would be more nervous about child rapists that could be living next door to you or near schools than a professional Escort providing a service to clients who are in need of help no different to someone going to a professional counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist for short-term therapy or a chiropractor or massage therapist if a individual is having back or body pain.

I started this online petition to show transparency through a public petition because I do not trust Hamilton City Councils petition where I believe many on the Hamilton City Council payroll will sign the HCC petition voting against Prostitution in Hamilton on the basis of keeping their boss happy.  One evident example is Hamilton City Councillor Paula Southgate was listed on this Hamilton City Council website against prostitution in Hamilton.  When I addressed this via email to council I note Hamilton City Councillor Paula Southgate‘s published response was removed or deleted on Friday 24 May 2019.  To be a Hamilton City Councillor, their website states “People who are connected to Hamilton's diverse communities.”  Yet here is a paid Hamilton City Councillor influencing others votes before a Council makes a decision and vote based on her own personal beliefs.  In March 2019 a article was printed with this same Councillor stating she was running for Mayor this year with article repeating her words "I won't be putting anyone down. I will be playing a straight forward campaign.”  Yet here is her putting prostitutes down to back her attempt to keep the Hamilton City Council Bylaw standing which puts sex workers down in itself.

Hamilton City Councillors and the Hamilton City Mayor should be unbiased, unprejudiced, prejudice-free, accepting, non-partisan, neutral, non-aligned, non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination in their decision making of any Bylaw.

Hamilton City Council is acting dangerously with their attack on a Legal Occupation here in New Zealand.  The fact they think as a local council that they can attempt to banish a legal profession is enough to show public needs to intervene.

Is car yards restricted where they can operate their business in Hamilton?  NO.  Is beauty therapists or day spas restricted where they can operate their business in Hamilton?  NO.  Is Lawyers restricted where they can operate their business in Hamilton?  NO.  Is Doctors restricted where they can operate their business in Hamilton?  NO.  I note a dentist on Wairere Drive can have a big tv advertisement and flashing lights on the road outside their business Villa Dental to promote their business but in the Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw NO flashing lights are allowed to promote in the business of prostitution.  Why is the professional occupation of a sex worker BOUND and restricted and bullied where and HOW they operate and advertise their business due to individuals at Council stuck in a mindset of thinking they are God or controlling this industry like a pimp?  

What do Hamilton City Council spend the $20,000 fines on?

Why is other businesses not being fined $20,000 for reasons such as advertising and place of work like sex workers are in Hamilton?

Martin Luther King Jr said “we may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”  

Hamilton City Council is not doing this to any other occupation so therefore this is discrimination.  The meaning of discrimination in the dictionary is “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age or sex.”

Not many sex workers can go to the Hamilton City Council meeting on Tuesday 4th June.  I have started this petition as a transparent documented petition against the negligence and offensive Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw. 

The time is always right to do what is right and treat others how you would like to be treated:  fair and equal.  Some may refuse to sign this because they are afraid that they may lose their popularity and/or criticised for taking a stand for prostitutes to be treated fairly.  

This is a reason to stand up and vote for a great issue because it is not possible to be in favour of justice for some people, - and not be in favour of justice for ALL people.

Please VOTE to uphold safe conditions for sex workers everywhere and so ALL sex workers can be treated FAIRLY without discrimination like any other occupation in Hamilton.