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Turn the Johnson st. bridge into a reef.

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Save the bridge? Burn the bridge? Leave it standing and use the space for community gardens? Melt it down and use the metal to build a robot to protect the city from Godzilla? There's a lot we could do with the old Johnson st bridge, but one idea could have Victoria continue to have it as a tourist attraction without having it as an eyesore for the locals.

Plop it on a barge, drag that sombitch through the Victoria harbour under an epic fireworks display. Anchor it in front of the Ogden Point breakwater. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers come to town and play a show on top of the old bridge which is strapped to the barge. They close their show with "Under the bridge" while wearing life jackets and the bridge sinks below them at the end.

The bridge is now a draw for Dive Tourism and the concert is free to attend. Just rope it into the ever expanding budget on this project.


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