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Eliminate Tent City From The Victoria Court House Lawn

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The courthouse lawn is not an appropriately designated place to allow a Tent City to set up their camps.  The numbers are increasing daily.  These numbers include the number of break-ins in the neighbourhood as well as the amount of trash and needles found throughout the block. Our elected officials and law enforcement personnel need to stop pointing fingers at each other and get this issue resolved. 

Removing this 'tent city' will allow our neighbourhood to be safe in the evenings and early morning, something that has recently been robbed from this area of town. 

Here are a few of the notable issues that have been captured by the residents of the neighbourhood:

1) We have already seen evidence of noise, fires, and disruptive intrusions.
2) A related concern is the safety and security of the residents of the neighbourhood. Without casting aspersions on the tenters as a group, it is not unusual for such settlements to attract a criminal element such as drug dealers. This leaves a neighbourhood vulnerable to increases in both property and personal crimes.
3) We have observed some effort on the part of the tenters to keep the area clean of the kind of waste that accumulates in such settlements and we applaud their efforts. Sadly such effort has not been matched by the city or province and bags of garbage sit curb side for days at a time. Again, this is an inevitable outcome when people are allowed to reside in space that was never meant to support such settlements.
4) The presence of the portable toilets is a double edged sword. One one hand we are glad to see the city and province providing the minimum in services to avoid having the residents endure the indignity of having to use the surrounding hedges as a toilet. On the other hand, the presence of the toilets indicates that the city and province see this encampment as a long term solution.
5) The presence of this camp as a long term solution is not appropriate. It places all of the disadvantages of Victoria’s homeless problem at the doorstep of one neighbourhood and this has happened without communication or consultation with the neighbourhood.


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