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Allowance of Potbellied pigs as pets. Please help sign, share, and get my pets back home!

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Hello friends. I currently live in Vic West, Victoria, British Columbia, with my two pet potbelly pigs named Athena and Vishnu whom I love as if they were my own children. Three years ago, after paying the government $1600 in fees to have agents inspect my home on four different occasions, they finally gave me the thumbs up, and allowed my pigs live with me in my home. Three years later animal control came by and said no pigs are allowed within the city limits due to an animal agriculture bylaw, and that I would be fined $250 anytime they were found within our city limits.

Currently my pigs Athena and Vishnu have been forced out of the city of Victoria, and our home where I care for individuals with special needs. I will NOT abandon my kids yet I can not abandon the individuals whom I look after either.

Pigs have the intelligence levels of a 3 year old human baby, and my kids can literally learn new tricks in a matter of minutes. My pigs are loved by all of the special needs individuals we care for, the many children and adults who come to say hello, as well as the daycare across the street. The children jump for joy when they see my piggies, as if it is the coolest thing they have ever seen.

Please help and SHARE this petition in order to help us gain our respect as pets and pet guardian ... Athena and Vishnu are not food... we are a significant part of our community! Thanks tons for your support, and if you want to see some awesome pig videos along with our media attention, then please like my FB page....

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