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Pass SB 76 Now

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As you are aware, SB 76, The Property Tax Independence Act, was been stalled in the Senate Finance Committee.  This is inexcusible for a bill that has this much support from the people in this state.  SB 76 is the only bill that will eliminate school property taxes in PA. forever by raising the sales tax 1% and PA Income Tax by 1.27% assuring that the education of our children becomes the responsibility of everyone and not primarily the responsibility of a shrinking number of property owners.  No other piece of legislation has been vetted as much as this bill with the Independent Fiscal Office (2 times), Department of Revenue, Anderson Group and each of these studies came back stating the bill is Revenue Neutral.   The IFO report indicates that since 1993-94 school property taxes have increased by 146% yet the average weekly wage has only increased by 80% result in greater difficulty in meeting the school property tax obligation.  At the same time, Inflation has increased by 59%.  As a result of the Pension Problem in this state, we know that Property Taxes we going to increase at a greater rate and we are all well aware that the Governor's proposed Pension Plan will do little to stop that.  This is unsustainable.  

The Property Tax Independence Act (SB 76) is the people's bill written an approved by the more than 80 taxpayers groups across this state.  It is our pork, no special interest funding.  

The problem with the property tax is not just a senior citizen issue, nor is it just an issue for those on fixed incomes.  The constant need for reassessment to keep the property tax equitable places an additional cost at the local level that only succeeds in driving up the property tax.  The cost of property tax impacts the cost of everything we purchase in the state as the property tax is transferred to the consumer through higher prices for goods and services.  The cost of property tax is a driving force behind accelerating rent costs that impacts so many lower income families in this state.  The higher property taxes in this state is a deterent to businesses relocating to this state and establishing permanent roots here.

It's time for the Pennsylvania Senate to lead on this issue and stand up for the people of this state.  Demand that SB 76 goes to the floor for a vote because NO TAX SHOULD HAVE THE POWER TO LEAVE YOU HOMELESS!

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