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Keep Uptown Walkable

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Keep Uptown Minneapolis Walkable!

Walkable environments are useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting. Feet First grew out of a simple question: why don’t people walk more? Given that half of all trips taken in the US are less than three miles, there’s plenty of opportunities for folks to walk or bike (rather than drive) to reach useful destinations nearby. When we began to ask this question in our community, we learned that the perception of distance was often greater than the physical distance itself.

Clear, simple signage, reminding our neighbors that “it’s not too far” to places they visit every day, is one way to break down that misperception and get more feet on the street.

We plan to make street signs for people: campaigns of pedestrian and bike signage that show the distance, in minutes, to everyday amenities, as well as local businesses, amenities, destinations and green/outdoor spaces. These campaigns encourage more active transportation choices, making communities healthier, safer, and more vibrant.

The campaign's goals:

  • Encourage walking to the local businesses to decrease vehicle use; (walk within 2 miles)
  • Support local businesses and commercial districts;
  • Boost social connection and “eyes on the street”;
  • Act as a behavioral nudge to make healthier transportation choices;
  • Increase the community’s commitment to walking and biking;
  • Kickstart a bigger conversation around walkability
  • Engage the community to get involved
  • Encourage tourists to explore and enjoy walking around Uptown

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