Replace the new #NashvilleCMT writers and showrunners.

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It’s safe to say that Nashville fans have gone through the ringer. We had this amazing show that we all loved so much for four years, and had our hearts broken when it was cancelled in May by ABC. But fans of the show were too in love with it to let its stories end there. There were more stories to be told, music to be heard, and plots to explore with characters that we loved. Fans fought for a month, working tiredly around the clock to save the show. We were not giving up. Our prayers were answered when CMT saved our beloved show in June, but the catch was that there would be new showrunners and writers. At the time, we all thought nothing of this news. We all just could not wait to see our amazing show again. Six long months later, Nashville premiered on its new home, the right one had come along… or so we thought. Fans noticed throughout the first half of the season that only a select few characters were receiving screen time, and several characters were missing episodes left and right. For four years, one of the reasons fan loved this show was getting to see our favorite characters in each episode. We also noticed that the plots, and themes of the show were beginning to take a sharp turn for the worse. Instead of fascinating plots about the music business, we are now in a show where the plot of an episode is a twelve-year old’s first period, her first crush, etc. The main cast that fans have walked through the town with since 2012 is seeming to slowly be phased out. Fan favorite cast members are now only a background extra on the show, with half the cast not receiving their own plots anymore. The teens are being made into the new leads, and central focus of our show. This is not what made the fans love the show for so many years, and fight so hard to get it back. Also, our new writers are very incompetent, leaving major plot holes everywhere. Characters divorce in season four, and then are magically wearing wedding rings again this season, with no rhyme or reason given. The writers are rewriting history constantly also, and our favorite characters have completely different personalities. We don’t see our favorite recurring characters anymore, what happened to Emily? Glenn? Bo? Noel? Hundreds of thousands of fans did not fight to save an afterschool special. Please help us get back our beloved show by signing this petition. Help us get back to the beautiful music, captivating drama, beautiful romances between our central-adult core cast members that we loved watching for so many years. Help us get to see our funny and lovable Juliette (and allow her to become the lead of the show, not a teen), help us get to see Deacon back on stage making the music we’ve all loved so much. Help us get to see The Exes make more music, and act in personality, how they did in that first captivating scene in the pilot (when If I Didn’t Know Better was sung) that brought back millions of fans for years. Help us get back to the beautiful music sung by our main cast members, not by random characters, that’s not what caught our ears four years ago. We all want to hear the beautiful voice of the entire main cast members, not just a few. Help us get back home, to the real Nashville, because fans do not recognize the town anymore.  Remember how fans felt when Gunnar first proposed to Scarlett? When Juliette sang Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave? When Rayna and Deacon first kissed in the elevator? We want this again, as we are in a town of tween plots and nothing truly captivating. Right now, the shining light that Nashville gave off in its first four years is about to burn out. We need new writers and showrunners to reignite the heart that is Nashville, we know it is there. We need the right showrunners to come along.

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