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Lionsgate, Oddlot Entertainment: Donate $1 to gay rights for every $1 Orson Scott Card gets from Enders Game

I grew up loving Ender's Game. I would love to see how people envision it in a new media (as a Movie). When I read it, it was an amazing coming of age story, of the pain of isolation, showing moral balances where sometimes we have to choose from among bad options, as well as a book about understand our shared moral value, and how miscommunication, and cultural differences can result in huge violence and harm, which take much forgiveness and understanding to correct. I want to see this film.

Orson Scott Card has been very vocal in his support of legally enshrining discrimination against minorities, in this case advocating that states and the federal government refuse to acknowledge the families and love of non-heterosexual couples. While people are entitled to their opinions, Card's vocal attack against minorities is something I cannot support, or lend my dollars to. I don't expect Orson Scott Card to change his opinion by Nov. 1, but I can't support something that will be used to fund the attacking of minorities, without at least mitigating that harm. So I ask that for every dollar Card makes, (which may  find it's way to NOM or other Discrimination Organizations), a dollar go to someone supporting and advocating for equal rights (GLAAD, HRC or the like). Then I can have some of my misgivings about going to see this masterpiece of my childhood assuaged. Thank you.

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