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Ketika seluruh dunia, termasuk Indonesia berupaya untuk melindungi hiu, salah satu mata rantai yang mendukung gerakan tersebut adalah dukungan dari maskapai nasional. Beberapa maskapai di dunia sudah menunjukkan komitmennya terhadap aksi #savesharks. Di antaranya : Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Air Hong Kong, Garuda Indonesia, Fiji Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM, Swiss, FinnAir, Lufthansa, Lan Chile / LATAM Airlines Group, EvaAir, Aeroméxico, Emirates, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand. Juga beberapa perusahaan kargo dunia : Evergreen Lines, Maersk, Hanjin dan CMA CGM , yang terbaru adalah Phipiline Airlines yang akan segera membuat kebijakan baru untuk mendukung isu #savesharks, mereka semua tak lagi mengirimkan produk-produk hiu dalam kargonya sebagai salah satu upaya yang konsisten dalam menjalani etika perusahaan yang lebih ramah isu lingkungan.

Lion Air sudah sepantasnya mengikuti jejak mereka, dan mulai menghentikan pengiriman kargo hiu dalam kebijakan perusahaannya. 

Dukungan kita terhadap Lion Air untuk menjadi maskapai yang lebih ramah lingkungan dan bersama-sama bergabung dengan maskapai lain yang sudah terlebih dahulu komit.

Konsumen punya suara, gerakan jempolmu, nyatakan dukungan terhadap LION AIR untuk menghentikan kargo produk hiu agar segera menyatakan pernyataan resmi bahwa LIon Air  mendukung #savesharks dan berkomitmen untuk tidak mengirimkan kargo produk hiu dalam maskapainya !


Berikut adalah surat yang dikirimkan Wild Life Risk kepada Direksi Lion Air pada Februari 2014  :

Official letter sent to Lion Air on February 2014 :

Dear Sirs,

We are writing on behalf of a global coalition of shark and marine conservation groups, with regard to Lion Air's commitment to sustainability.

Lion Air is one of South East Asia's leading airlines. We applaud your airline's commitment to sustainable development.

However, there is an aspect of your operations that contradicts the airline's commitment to saving the environment, which is the carriage of shark fin and related products on Lion Air flights from Bali and Jakarta. This is serious, given your commitment to protecting the environment. Simply put, the tonnes of shark fins transported as cargo on Lion Air flights which end up in Hong Kong is directly leading to the endangerment of shark species and the marine environment in Indonesia and beyond.

Hong Kong Government data indicates that over 1,162 tonnes of shark fin were imported into Hong Kong in 2012, of which 14.1% was by air cargo. Of that percentage a substantial amount would have been flown on Lion Air's planes. According to a July 2013 report by the global wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, Indonesia is the biggest shark catching nation in the world.

As you may already know, Cathay Pacific Airways took a great step in the right direction in September 2012 by making a public commitment to stop carrying shark fins and related products on its subsidiary airline, Cathay Pacific Cargo. (It has long been banned from the passenger services of Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair and Air Hong Kong).

Until today, fifteen more airlines have followed in Cathay Pacific's brave steps; Garuda Indonesia, Fiji Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM, Swiss, FinnAir, Lufthansa, Lan Chile / LATAM Airlines Group, EvaAir, Aeroméxico, Emirates, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand.

And it is not just airlines that are moving in the right direction. Shipping lines are too. Evergreen Lines, Maersk, Hanjin and CMA CGM have all announced a total ban on the carriage of all shark fin and shark-related products on their container ships.

We are seeking Lion Air's help in cutting the supply chain of shark fin to Hong Kong.

At last year's meeting of the UN body Conference of the Parties to CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which concluded in Thailand on 14 March 2013, several shark species were granted protection, as they have been pushed ever closer to extinction by the shark trade.

Not all sharks are endangered. However, due to poor regulation of the fishing industry, illegally finned and fins of endangered sharks often end up in shipments. INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Program has advised that companies transporting these fins may be implicated in a crime. Until the legality and sustainability of sources of shark fin can be adequately accounted for, we recommend all companies involved in logistics to suspend transport of shark fin as a precautionary measure and responsible business practice.

We therefore request that Lion Air publicly commit to ending the transportation of shark fin on all your flights. We further request that Lion Air set an aggressive timeline to stop the transportation of all shark fin and related products, and publish this in the 'Newsroom' section of its website.

We, or a representative member of our coalition, would be happy to meet with you in Jakarta or Bali at any time to discuss this issue, and how we can all work together to leverage this for the airline’s best interests, and we welcome your views.

On behalf of everyone in our organisations and all our supporters, please stop carrying shark fin and related products from all Lion Air's flights.


Sincerely yours,


Alex Hofford


WildLifeRisk Ltd

Hong Kong

 For and on behalf of:-

Sharon Kwok Pong Executive Director, ACE Foundation, (Hong Kong)

Lisa Genasci, Chief Executive Officer, ADM Capital Foundation, (Hong Kong)

Lesley Rochat, Founder and Executive Director, AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, (South Africa)

Louis Ng Executive Director, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES), (Singapore)

Dr Jill Robinson Founder & CEO, Animals Asia Foundation 亞洲動物基金, (Hong Kong)

Susan Milward Executive Director, Animal Welfare Institute, (USA)

Sharon Kwok Pong Executive Director, Aquameridian, (Hong Kong)

Paul Friese Bali Sharks (Indonesia)

Graham Buckingham, Campaign Director, Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation, (UK)

Claire Nouvian Founder, Bloom Europe, (France)

Stan Shea Programme Director, Bloom Association, (Hong Kong)

Jim Knowlton Executive Director, Blue Ocean Productions (USA)

John Hourston Director, Blue Planet Society, (United Kingdom)

Shawn Heinrichs Director, Bluesphere Media, (USA)

Charles Clover Author 'End of the Line', Founder, Blue Marine Foundation, (United Kingdom)

Adam M Roberts Executive Vice President, Born Free USA, (USA)

Philip Mansbridge CEO, Care for the Wild International, (United Kingdom)

Jose Truda Palazzo Jr, Brazilian Marine, Coastal and Water Resources Network (Brazil)

Captain Stu Pryke, Pilot, Cathay Pacific, (Hong Kong)

Chet Lam 林一峰 Singer songwriter, (Hong Kong)

Paulo Guilherme Alves Cavalcanti Divers for Sharks, (Brazil)

Clement Lee "Cut Gift Money for Shark Fin Banquets"李銳華 / 「魚翅婚宴。人情七折」, (USA)

Jamie Rappaport Clark CEO & President, Defenders of Wildlife, (USA)

Ric O'Barry Star of 'The Cove' Oscar-winning documentary

& Director, Dolphin Project, Earth Island Institute, (USA)

David Phillips Executive Director, Earth Island Institute, (USA)

Christian Pilard Founder, Eco-Sys Action (Hong Kong)

Lisa Christensen Chief Executive Officer, Ecovision, (Hong Kong)

Wu Hung Chief Executive Director, Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST), (Taiwan)

Allan Thornton Founder & Chairman, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), (United States, United Kingdom)

Tristan Bayer Co-Founder, Fin Free Australia, (Australia)

Mia Forrest Co-Founder, Fin Free Australia, (Australia)

Seamas McCaffrey Co-Founder, Fin Free Thailand, (Thailand)

Jamie Pollack Director, Fin Free USA, (USA)

Steve Galster Founder & Executive Director, FREELAND Foundation, (Thailand)

David Newbery Secretary, Friends of Hoi Ha, (Hong Kong)

Melanie Salmon, Founder, Global Ocean, (United Kingdom)

Veerle Roelandt Director, The Global Shark Conservation Initiative, (Belgium)

Wang Xue Director, Green Beagle, (China)

Tamara Stark Oceans Unit Head, Greenpeace International, (The Netherlands)

Roy Tam Director, Green Sense 環保觸覺,(Hong Kong)

Elise du Four Operations Director, HESCO, (USA)

Chung Shan Shan Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, (Hong Kong)

Dr Samuel Hung Chairman, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society 香港海豚保育學會, (Hong Kong)

Jerry MacClean Director & Founder, Hong Kong Shark Foundation 香港護鯊會, (Hong Kong)

John Fortune Honorary Life President, Hong Kong Underwater Association 香港潛水總會, (Hong Kong)

Alex Wong Chairman, Hong Kong Underwater Association 香港潛水總會, (Hong Kong)

Chris Poon Chairman of Environmental Sciences, Hong Kong Underwater Club 香港潛水會, (Hong Kong)

Yvonne Sadovy, PhD Professor, Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)

Alexia Wellbelove Senior Program Manager, Humane Society International (Australia)

Iris Ho Wildlife Campaigns Manager, Humane Society International, (USA)

Ian Robinson Vice President, Programs & International Operations, International Fund for Animal

Welfare (IFAW), (International)

Grace Gabriel Ge Asia Regional Director, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), (China)

Lei Chen Wong Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institute, (China)

Zhu Zhen Director, Jane Goodall Institute, (China)

Hayley Jetson Marine Conservationist, (Hong Kong)

Professor Brian W Darvell Kuwait University, (Kuwait)

David O’Dwyer Chairman, Living Seas Hong Kong 勃勃海洋 (Hong Kong)

Alex Hofford Photographer & Co-author, 'Man & Shark' 人鯊誌(Hong Kong)

Paul Hilton Photographer & Co-author, 'Man & Shark' 人鯊誌(Hong Kong)

Sylvia Earle Founder, Mission Blue

Alex Hofford Director, WildLifeRisk Limited, (Hong Kong)

Paul Hilton Director, WildLifeRisk Limited, (Hong Kong)

Lisa Speer Director, International Oceans Program, Natural Resources Defense Council, (United States)

Wang Xue Programme Officer, Nature University, (China)

Gigi Brisson Chief Executive Officer, OceanElders (Earth)

Gary Stokes Director, Oceanic Love (Hong Kong)

Michael Aw Director/Publisher, Ocean Geographic Society, (Singapore)

Louie Psihoyos Director of 'The Cove' Oscar-winning documentary &

Executive Director, Oceanic Preservation Society, (USA)

Doug Woodring Founder, Ocean Recovery Alliance, (Hong Kong)

Paul Hodgson Director, Oceanway, (Hong Kong)

Tre' Packard Founder & Managing Director, PangeaSeed, (Japan / USA)

Fabien Cousteau Ocean Explorer, Filmmaker

Founder and Executive Director, Plant A Fish, (France)

Dr Christoph Schmidt Director, Pro Wildlife e.V. (Germany)

Jennifer Lee Director, Project: FIN, (Malaysia)

Katrien Vandevelde Board Member, Sea First Foundation (Belgium & The Netherlands)

Gary Stokes Country Co-ordinator, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, (Hong Kong)

Julie Andersen Founder & Executive Director, Shark Angels, (USA)

Liz Ward Sing Founder, Shark Guardian, (Thailand)

Katrien Vandevelde Project Manager, Shark Project (Belgium & The Netherlands)

Jupp Kerckerinck zur Borg President, Shark Research Institute, (USA)

Marie Levine Executive Director, Shark Research Institute, (USA)

Ran Elfassy Director, Shark Rescue, (Hong Kong)

Silvy Pun Director, Shark Savers, (Hong Kong)

Chris Poon Director, Sharks Savers, (Hong Kong)

Jonn Benedict Lu Regional Director, Shark Savers, (Asia Pacific)

Samantha Whitcraft SharksCount Program Manager, Shark Savers, (USA)

Mary O'Malley Shark Savers, (USA)

Claudia Li Founder, Shark Truth, (Canada)

Jupp Kerckerinck zur Borg President, Sharkprotect e.V. (Germany)

Sandy Macalister Executive Director, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) 香港愛護動物協會 (Hong Kong)

Rob Stewart Founder, United Conservationists, (Canada)

Peter Knights Founder, WildAid (China, United States, Canada, United Kingdom)

Sharon Kwok Pong Director, WildAid, (Hong Kong)

Belinda Wright Executive Director, Wildlife Protection Society of India, (INDIA)

Benita Chick Programme Director, Youth Arch Foundation, (Hong Kong)

Riyanni Djangkaru Campaign Director, Savesharks Indonesia (Indonesia )

Femke Den Haas, Jakarta Animal Aid Network (Indonesia) 



  1. Shark populations worldwide are in rapid decline from overfishing and habitat destruction. In some regions, populations have fallen by as much as 90%. According to the globally recognised International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), almost 56% of shark species (where there is sufficient data to determine conservation status) are at high risk of extinction either now or in the near future. That’s 141 shark species.

  2. The demand for shark fin soup is leading to the collapse of shark populations. According to the latest scientific data, the fins from up to 100 million sharks are traded worldwide each year. Based on FAO data, research indicates that global shark catches are likely to be underestimated by an astonishing three to four fold.



  1. CITES listings on Appendix II of three new species of sharks.


Votes from CITES Committee cast on Monday 11th March 2013:

- Oceanic White-tip shark: The vote was 92 For (68.6%), 42 Against, 8 Abstentions.

- Hammerhead shark: The vote was 91 For (70%), 39 Against, 8 Abstentions.

- Porbeagle shark: The vote was 93 For (70.45%), 39 Against, 8 Abstentions.

(To pass a proposal at CITES, there needs to be a 2/3 majority of those voting to vote ‘yes’, and abstentions do not count).

  1. TRAFFIC website: New study gets its teeth into shark trade regulations.

“The Top 20 shark catchers in descending order are Indonesia, India, Spain, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, United States of America, Malaysia, Pakistan, Brazil, Japan, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Portugal, Nigeria, Islamic Republic of Iran, Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea and Yemen, who between them account for nearly 80 percent of the total shark catch reported globally, with Indonesia and India alone responsible for over 20% of global catches between 2002 and 2011. Three EU Member States - Spain, France and Portugal - are among the top 20 shark catchers, responsible for 12% of global catches and, collectively, the 28 EU Member States are the largest shark catching entity of all.”

TRAFFIC report: 'Into the deep: Implementing CITES measures for commercially-valuable sharks and manta rays.


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