Return XXXX Bitter to its Original Recipe

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XXXX Bitter over the last 20 years has been altered repeatedly, the ABV has been reduced to 4.4% and it may go further if we don't act now

I would like to see the XXXX Bitter of the 1980s back today and the ABV returned to its nearly 5% mark, Even if XXXX Bitter is not your Beer, we all need to stand together, as I would with you if your drink of choice was being altered for profits. They may even come after XXXX Gold and change the ABV like CUB did to Carlton Mid.

The Breakfast Creek Hotel in Brisbane still serves XXXX off the wood, the reason is that it was considered the placing of the keg on the bar was part of Queensland's heritage, if so then the contents of the barrel would also be just as important to Queensland

If XXXX Bitter is not returned to its heritage state then that would be a social crime and personal attack on all Queenslanders,The XXXX's refer to the standardized grading system for the strength of the beer, if they choose large profits over every day Australians then one X needs to be removed from the label, or to genuinely keep all four X's a return to the original recipe

We can learn a lot from the Victorians as when they butchered VB the consumers revolted and made them change it back

I ask all Australians to stand united and forget about state rivalries for a moment lets get a part of Queensland's heritage returned safely to its original form 

Thank You