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Linux: Change the sysctl vm.swappiness default to 0 (zero)

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Why is this a linux issue and not a distribution issue? Because swappiness is absurd. We're not in the 1990's anymore. Processors and DRAM are orders of magnitude faster than disk now. If your system is swapping to a disk, then it's already dead. Very dead. Recovery is nearly impossible. So why encourage it at all? NOTE: For those not used to the setting, lowering the setting to zero does not actually *disable* swap - it just delays it for a very long time. It's far better to have the offending application reaped by the OOM Killer than to have the system completely non-responsive, resulting in a power cycle anyway. Seriously.

Why in god's name is the default swappiness value set to 60%? Why would ANYBODY want to wake up to their laptop one morning and find that their disk is slogging away swapping memory back and forth when they still have plenty of RAM available for use?

Enterprise distro with fancy SSDs? Well, enable the damn thing yourself.
Embedded distro with some fancy flash? Enable it yourself.
Desktop distro? You shouldn't be using swap.....ever. If your volatile software state isn't already backed up in the cloud or crash-consistent, then stop using crappy software!

If you're a masochist and you actually WANT proactive swap usage, why force the rest of us to suffer from this behavior by default?

I refuse to believe that most linux users out there are masochists. (Or maybe they are if they're using Linux in the first place. But that's a discussion for another day.)

Please change the default to zero. 

Thank you.

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