Class start as soon as possible

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We signed this petition to show our anger and dissatisfaction of the posponed of the LUC programmes for more than 1 month. We know that management issues occured in this school but we still very diasspointed as LUC did not keep his promise to start the registration for next semester as stated, causing our graduated time being prolonged. Most of us are conseidering withdrawn due to the issue. Below are the voices from students:

1)ITP promise us everything will be going fine on July then what is this class will start on July 30? Then what
Is this?!!!

2)Wow, then the TCM students literally got nothing to do here anymore. Being promised that our course is for bright future at first when it doesn't even there yet. Then struggled with MQA issue, saying module will start in june, then july , and then august then before this september. After all this postponed class when ? When we finally realized our friends in other unis arldy got their PhD or what ?

3)Yknow, some people rejected other offer because yall been convincing us about how great linton is and this is what we got ? Wasted more than 5 months for nothing . Smh

4)If this is the end...better them tell it out rather than being a silent killer...

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