Change in transportation for special needs children

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Being a mother of a child with server autism (non verbal) I feel to send my son in a car with a man driving and another man sat in the back chaperoneing him is wrong, with 40k peados in uk 150 arrested each week,a CRB check isn’t enough protection this measly cert is just to say the persons never been caught doing wrong,that doesn’t satisfy me! It’s a known fact Peados target vulnerable children, so why would I let two strange unknown  men take my child alone if somthing were to happen to him in the car he could never physically tell me!

So I am supposed to trust two men I’ve never met in my life with my sons well being and hope for the best! No sorry I don’t take risks with my sons life I’m his protector!  

  I would feel far more confident for a woman to be present on the journey,observing the daily pick ups  I see men leaning all over the children putting seat belts on, then getting in the back with them,i don’t think this is appropriate,would you let a stranger touch your child not knowing their background!  

Woman should chaperone the children with the support of a male driver! Unfortunately this is the world we now live in, media has woken us all up to the fact there are perverted peado’s preying on our vulnerable kids inserting theirselves and alliances in positions of power over children, churches,schools,sports clubs, youth centres, hospitals even your own homes! Time for change I wouldn’t put my son alone in a Uber with two strange guys why would the government expect me to take this risk on a daily basis! Please sign let’s make a change and protect these vulnerable children. 

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