Save the International Sales & Marketing program

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We are really sad to hear about your decision about cancelling the ISM program at CIL in Ljungby. We interpreted your decision due to the lack of quality, student life and the bad student environment, where we as students strongly disagree.

The student life here in Ljungby has grown since the time of 2016 as we started to see investments in more educations, CIL and the municipality has provided us with monetary resources as well as the student union being more and more active provides a foundation for a good student environment. The school has a quiet and nursing study environment with a productive and creative atmosphere where students are able to study every day 24 hours a day, whatever is suiting the individual.

We have had a wonderful time here with close relationships and where every individual has to act professional and behave their best because of the local community which is a great experience to bring into the future. Whereas in big universities, the individual seems to vanish into the many, the students in Ljungby can make a difference and affect the environment. This is due to the flexibility of CIL, which we are very grateful for and an argument for growth potential.

It has come to our awareness that students send these course evaluations after receiving bad feedback and/or in difficult and stressful situations. The amount of knowledge we have gained here in the different areas within sales and marketing is something we cherish. Throughout our studies, we have gained knowledge within the academic perspective with an emphasis on the coming practical internship and project work that gives us the right foundation of knowledge to pursue our dream career. The education provides a broad knowledge in several areas in industrial perspectives, for example, supply chain management, management accounting and purchasing. This gives us a competitive advantage in industries where industrial salespeople are valuable for organizations around in Kronoberg and further on in international markets.

The quality of teachers differs, as in all schools, but the overall quality has been high where different teachers from different backgrounds have provided their knowledge and the teachers have proper experience in their fields. Both the practical experienced teachers and professors have given us different perspectives on the academic areas of the studies which will help us, and have helped previous students, in their field of work. The students here in Ljungby have had good access to our teachers via e-mail, on lectures, via Skype and even sometimes via telephone. We see that Ljungby and CIL have potential for growth and the time here in Ljungby is what you create it to be. We are happy ambassadors of the ISM program here at CIL, Ljungby and would recommend this education to anyone that wants to pursue a career in sales and marketing.

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