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Ashford-Dunwoody Corridor Study--No Solid Median and Don't Change Donaldson Traffic Light

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Sign this petition to tell Brookhaven City Council: “Please do not change the Donaldson Drive traffic light, do not have a solid median and allow left-turns in and out of our local stores between the intersections of Ashford-Dunwoody/Johnson Ferry Roads.”  

Our Concerns

  1. This plan removes the traffic light at Donaldson Dr. and changes Donaldson Dr. into right-turns only in/out,
  2. This plan calls for a solid median between the two intersections of Ashford-Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry Roads,
  3. This plan cuts access 50% to businesses along the merged Ashford-Dunwoody/Johnson Ferry Roads,
  4. The final draft of this study helps outside commuters while hindering neighborhood convenience and decreasing access to local stores and services, 
  5. This plan because of its design and negligible projected improvement on traffic flow likely will lead to increased "cut through" traffic through Bubbling Creek and Hampton Hall/Cambridge neighborhoods, and
  6. This plan's solid median impedes emergency vehicles from going around stopped traffic when necessary.

Many of our neighbors wonder why not wait until the I-285/400 project is complete (Project Start: Nov 3-Complete: 2019) to see the results when all the cut-through traffic from outsiders is projected to disappear.  The State of Georgia has $18 million available for Smart Lights that monitor and adjust based on existing traffic (better than timed lights) to save money, construction and disruption. The State is already working with Brookhaven to put in Smart Lights at this intersection. The effects of the “temporary” changes proposed by this plan should also be measured to see those results to compare to rerouting the roads before a vote.                                

Very truly yours,

Eugenie Viener                          

A ‘FINAL’ ASHFORD-DUNWOODY CORRIDOR STUDY PLAN WAS PRESENTED NOVEMBER 29th. "Comments on the open house materials will be accepted through Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016 by email at" (  The Brookhaven City council will vote on whether to accept the Ashford-Dunwoody Corridor Study as a concept plan to further develop sometime in January 2017.  

For more information visit the Brookhaven Ashford-Dunwoody Corridor Study Info Page then scroll down to PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE NOV. 29 PRESENTS FINAL DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS.  The plan considers Ashford-Dunwoody Road in 4 segments; this petition is about the SEGMENT 2 concept plan.



8 Reasons Why the Donaldson Drive Traffic Signal Shouldn’t be Changed

  1. These changes are projected to improve traffic negligibly (6 sec a.m./10 sec p.m.) in the 2040 Build vs. 2040 No Build.  
  2. Having only right-turns in and out for the residents of Donaldson Drive and customers of Walgreens, Corner Pizza, Hovan’s Mediterranean Cuisine, The Bat and Ball Pub, Sushi Yoshino, Wing Ranch, Moon Indian Cuisine, The Righteous Room, The Peach Pit Cheerleading and Gymnastics Studio, Jo’s, Texaco, Valero and Dunwoody Organic Cleaners and people traveling South on Johnson Ferry/Ashford-Dunwoody would force them to drive far around Blair Circle to make the block or perhaps make a U-turn in Publix. The results of this study cater to outside commuters while diminishing local convenience and harming access to these Brookhaven stores and services.
  3. If the planned solid median had openings to allow left-turns in and out of these businesses and the Donaldson light were not there, people walking or turning left would be taking their lives into their own hands because of the lack of a dedicated safe turn-signal to stop traffic.  Having no Donaldson traffic light would make it more dangerous for people to cross the street from Corner Pizza to Blackburn Park, stores and homes on the other side of the road. Many people use this cross walk.  Without a traffic light and the added lanes, crossing safely becomes difficult. Pedestrian-controlled flashing lights to stop otherwise unimpeded 40-mph traffic could result in injury because drivers often ignore the flashing pedestrian crosswalks (Brookhaven Police @ Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce Meeting).  The Donaldson traffic signal acts as a traffic calming device.
  4. Because the goal of this project is to increase the distance between the existing traffic lights at the forks, the proposed Johnson Ferry Road bypass going behind Kroger more than triples the current distance between the proposed light at the Blackburn Park entrance and the existing Donaldson light. This is more than enough distance between the lights to ease congestion. Because the present single lane of traffic would become 2 lanes going down Johnson Ferry towards Lowes, the distance between lights would be increased 6 times, therefore there is no need to change the Donaldson Drive traffic light.  The distance between the Woods Dr. behind Kroger and the Blair Cir. traffic lights at Publix would quadruple the distance. With the proposed 2 lanes, this distance is increased 8 times, but it’s not needed when the other effects of removing the Donaldson traffic light are so harmful. 
  5. The proposal to remove the Donaldson and Valero lights leaving only one traffic light at Blair Circle and one at the park entrance would create a “straight way highway” and encourage speeding with no stopping or slowing until they reach either Blair Circle or the park entrance.  A middle traffic light at Donaldson is important to act as a traffic-calming measure to allow safer left and right turns in and out of the businesses and safer pedestrian crossings. 
  6. Taking out the Donaldson light would encourage drivers to avoid traffic on I-285/400 by taking a fast short-cut through our neighborhoods.  Soon thereafter, increased demand on the proposed 3-lane road to the Perimeter may need to be 4-laned.  Higher capacity roads draw in more traffic as outsider commuters look for a cut-thru.
  7. Moving the roads will completely destroy the character of our neighborhoods and this historic antebellum intersection known as Old Cross Keys, so named after the biblical Crossed Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  8. Traffic is everywhere in Atlanta.  Channel 2 reports this location is not ranked as one of the top 615 most dangerous intersections in Atlanta.  Because of the angle of the existing forks, we tend to only have the rare side-swipe (1 in 10-years with minor injury-DOT), but squaring off the intersections would create a greater probability of ‘T-bone’ accidents.

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