Reduced Road Tolls for the Transport Industry Across Australia

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Every year Transport Companies across Australia pay tens of Thousands of dollars in Tolls. If we could reduce the Toll rate for all Transport companies across Australia and pay a reduced fee every year this would ease small business's financial pressure and keep small business' going.

In a trip across Sydney alone from one side to the other it cost approximately $75 for one vehicle. Imagine having to do this multiple times a day/week/month/year. 

It is understandable that the heavy vehicles put a greater strain on the roads structure but these companies are receiving billions of dollars every year from our transport industry and our roads are still left unmaintained and dangerous.

The companies that own these Toll roads are off shore and are profiting overseas companies. This begs the question what if the money for these tolls were kept in Australia would this help keep our roads safer? Would this help to fix roads all around Australia? Would this reduce the cost of Tolls? Why is it being out sourced over seas? 

Recently it has been mentioned that people living within certain City limits would have a certain amount that they would have to pay each year for using the toll roads that they can not avoid using and after that they would either have a reduced fee or not have to pay to use the Toll roads at all. Why can this not apply to the Transport companies too?

Transport companies pay a higher registration for there vehicles which is due to the extra strain on the roads already, why are we also having to pay high toll rates?

Transport companies have no option other than to use these toll roads. 

Please support Australian Transport Companies Across Australia.