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Extension of the "Carnivores Tour" to include Europe Tour Dates!!

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The Ultimate Feature has been announced and Europe isn't invited.


First of all please SHARE and SPREAD the Link to make this Petition a success.


"Linkin Park" one of the most successful and "30 Seconds to Mars" one of the most creative Rock/Alternate Bands are on Tour together for the first time ever.

But only in the US.


We as Fans from all over Europe won't take this announcement without any protest.
The so called "Carnivores Tour" which is supossed to feed the hunger of the Fans takes place in 25 different locations all over the US including New York, Florida, California and many others. Our objective is to extend this upcoming event for at least 10 other concerts in Europe.

Must be locations are:








We want to make the Bands and the Organizer of this Tour see that we as European Fans, Linkin Park Underground and MARS Members have to be a part of this experience.

Its even more than that, its a dream and we need your support to make this dream real.

HELP US to collect a huge number of signatures and sign now to convince them.



Links to the Main and Facebook Pages:

Event Main Page:

Linkin Park:

30 Seconds to Mars:


Any ideas or improvement suggestions? send them to:


You can also write Linkin Park and 30STM directly through their Fan-Networks or Facebook.


All rights for pictures etc reserved to their respective owners.

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