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We want LinkedIn for Professionals Only

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In recent years LinkedIn has become a number one source of everything what professionals never wanted it to be. To name a few, the problems we see on our dashboards everyday are:

  • Fake job advertisements
  • Quotes of the day
  • Certificates for achievements (posted to get more likes)
  • Direct messages (just to be a part of your network to get more profile details. This problem is two-folds as it starts a never ending spree of profile hunting, direct messages full of pick up lines, abuse and bullying)
  • Invitations from personnel you never knew and never wanted in your professional network (solely based on their career level and industry)

we have also come across a numerous incidents where people (specially women) have reported indecent invitations and messages from complete strangers. 

We want LinkedIn administration to take a keen step on making this social presence vivid and professional and demand the following changes

  • Strict scrutiny of profiles (no random profiles, no student profiles)
  • No direct marketing or job postings
  • No 'quotes of the day' or random shares intended to get likes
  • Ban or Report Harassment feature to notify the individuals using LinkedIn only for profile surfing. 
  • Perhaps, a small account registration fee to keep this community fruitful for/to professional individuals. 
  • Certificates/Achievements must be posted as a career episode on profiles and not on their timelines to get more likes.

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