Linkedin Must Allow Free Speech & Bring Back Joel

Linkedin Must Allow Free Speech & Bring Back Joel

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Linkedin is the greatest B2B social media platform in the world. Millions of people are posting content and engaging with a serious business-minded community to grow their businesses and brands. 

Things have changed.

Linkedin started to encourage posting more social content and it has evolved into a kind of Facebook for business, It is great. It allows businesses and entrepreneurs to post their cultural, and social beliefs, to engage and to build one another up, and to agree or disagree professionally with one another over current events.

Now Linkedin took things too far. They have taken a stance on social and political issues, and are using their own political opinions as the measuring stick of what is considered abuse or disrespectful and unprofessional behavior on the platform. They are altering their own logo (violating their own trademark rules in place for their users) to support various organized movements that are completely political and can actually be offensive to many millions of users on this platform. 

Joel Wolh has a huge audience on this platform, his content has generated over 10 Million views thus far in 2020 and has helped thousands of users through events, advice, jobs and etc. (one of his latest posts just last week got 100,000 views thanking people who connected him to help save a family in Mexico that is ill with Covid-19, the Linkedin community got together with Joel and involved multiple high level medical, professionals!)

Joel is a proud conservative and is not shy to voice his opinions. He doesn't threaten anyone - on the contrary- he has received numerous threats from liberals on the platform who don't not like his pro-Law Enforcement stance, or his pro-family stance. For this, he has gotten "permanently" suspended, even as thousands of racist and hateful commentators are allowed free access to spew their sanctioned vitriol at people on the political right. 

This is the new Cancel Culture that we are seeing on other social media platforms that have all driven to the political left and are actively canceling out the voices on the right, forcing out and silencing voices that they don't agree with, instead of allowing users to freely engage with one another.

We the people of Linkedin who make up this great platform ask that:

1) Linkedin immediately restore access to Joel Wolh so that he may once again continue to be a force of good on this platform.

2) Linkedin respond to the people of this petition and schedule a high-level conference call, so we can discuss these issues once and for all.

3) Linkedin ceases to promote its political opinions and instead be an objective and free-speech, professional business platform.


Thank You.

The People of Linkedin



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!