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Link your day, time and life to the Poodwaddle Earth Clock

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Being connected as a global citizen matters. It widens the consciousness and rearranges priorities. Click and visit: 

The poodwaddle earth clock raises global-citizen-feelings of responsibility.

For a more detailed look at moye* earth - link also to the Poodwaddle World Clock: 

The figures about forest depletion and replanting are deceptive according to me. A single grown tree can equal the green surface of a hectare of new saplings and seedlings. So the 3:1 ratio of forest depletion:forest replanting appears deceptive.

To tackle the health, environment healing, education, shelter, transport, and a thousand other 'growing Needs against limited/untapped Resources' tasks - we will need to raise global-citizenship awareness, understanding, motivation and team action until it overshadows local, regional and cultural forces which keep us divided and at war. We will see the day, soon, when war is no more and 1.2 trillion dollars of OUR money is saved annually from wasteful war/weapons expenditures and channeled to the healing of our planet.

We don't have to save the world ourselves ! We have to merely observe global citizens emerging (they already are) and we have to join them by climbing the global citizenship 'train' which is leaving the terminus for destination Peace, Plenty and Harmony. This is happening naturally. A few drops get thrown ahead as 'leaders' which are drops which usually/immaturely think they are dragging the ocean with them to the shore !!

Global Citizens are converging in pockets all over our planet. These pockets are hubs which are reaching out to each other through a networking of networks without borders.

Welcome to the Era of Convergence 2001-3000 AD.

*moye earth: my earth, our earth, your earth, everyone's earth

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