We want the headdress back

Aside from being a proud Lancer and having this be a representation of strength at our school for decades, I currently live within 10 miles of two reservations in Virginia. The people of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes, which is part of the Powhatan Nation, have been fighting to keep their heritage front and center before the country and not have it be erased because the vocal few feel that it's hurtful to our native people. The state of Maryland has all but removed everything having to do with our indigenous people. Removing this headdress is just another step toward forgetting who came before us in this nation. Teaching our young people to view this as a source of strength, courage, and pride in a group of people (tribe, team or school) as well as historical representation of power and leadership, would be a more appropriate way for educators to approach the matter of this headdress. Perhaps the people who are trying to remove the headrests should take a field trip to Virginia to speak with the ancestors over indigenous people to see how they truly feel about this matter. I doubt if anyone from any tribe has been consulted on this.

Cindy Sandelin, West Point, VA, United States
3 years ago
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